Name                 : caesar Wiratama

Phone                : +62 821-3868-4162 (WhatsApp)

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Work                  : Founder and Director of CV. Markom

Last Education : Mechanical Engineering, Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM)

Social Media     : LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram


2020 – Seminar bisnis komposit fiber: Institut Teknologi Kalimantan

2019 – Training numerical modelling and simulation of FEA and CFD coupling PT. Indonesia Power

2019 – Training numerical modelling and simulation of heat exchanger PT. Indonesia Power

2018 – Training of Pressure vessel design with fatigue load simulation at PT. Wijaya Karya (WIKA)

2018 – Training Boiling steam generator of Nuclear Power Generator at Badan Tenaga Nuklir Nasional (BATAN)

2018 – Training Aerodynamics analysis with Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation at PT. Infoglobal

2018 – Training Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) of combustion and reacting flow, Heat Transfer at Lembaga Pendidikan Perkebunan Yogyakarta (LPP Yogyakarta)

2018 – Training Numerical Modelling of Gas Turbine Combustion Chamber at PT. Pembangkit Jawa Bali Perusahaan Listrik Nasional (PT. PJB PLN)

2017 – Training Structured Mesh and Aircraft delta wing simulation at Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM)

2016 – Open Discussion, Design of Aircraft airfoil and wing at Mechanical Engineering Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM)

2016 – Application and Mechanism of Drone at Engineering Faculty Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM)


2020 – Modul simulasi ANSYS struktur untuk pemula. Penerbit CV. Markom

2020 – Modul simulasi ANSYS fluida untuk pemula. Penerbit CV. Markom

2018 – The Flow Visualization CFD Studies of the Fuselage and Rolled-up Vortex Effects of the Chengdu J-10-Like Fighter Canard. Canadian Center of science and Education. Modern Applied Science; Vol. 12, No. 2; 2018. ISSN 1913-1844 E-ISSN 1913-1852.

2018 – The Rolled-Up and Tip Vortices Studies in the CFD Model of the 3-D Swept-Bacward Wind Turbine Blades – Canadian Center of Science and Education, Modern Applied Science; Vol. 11, No. 12; 2017, ISSN 1913-1844 E-ISSN 1913-1852

2018 – The Numerical Study of Flow Around Chengdu J-10 like and Sukhoi SU-30 like Fighter Aircraft at Subsonic Regime. Aeronautical Journal

2017 – CFD Simulation of The End Plates Effect on the Elang Caraka Unmanned Aerial Vehicle UAV. International Conference of Advanced Mechatronics, Intelegent Manufacture, and Industrial Automation (ICAMIMIA). IEEE Xplore. ISBN: 978-1-5386-2729-7.

2016 – Adaptive Pitch and Transmission of Small Wind Turbine to Meet Energy Demand for Industrial Revival. International Conference of Integrated Community.

2016 – Mechanically Driven Adaptive Pitch and Transmission for Small Wind Turbine to Widen the Operational Condition. International Conference on ASEAN Development.

2015 – Design of Anti-vibration Gloves Using Auxetic Polyurethane Floam to Prevent HAVS. Occupational Health and Safety Community.

2014 – Auxetic Polyurethane Foam as Preventive Aid of Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome’s (HAVS) Manifestation at Engineering Students. Health and Safety Festival

2014 – Unmanned Submarine for Hydrography Mapping. Student Creativity Event.


2020 – 2nd Winner of Hack a Farm (Idmira)

2019 – special prize from Korea Invention Promotion Association (KIPA)

2019 – Silver medal International Invention, Inovation and technology (Malaysia)

2016 – Best Design Category of Eco Solar Boat, Marine ICON

2016 – Selected Paper, International Conference of Integrated Community

2016 – Selected Paper, International Conference on ASEAN Development

2016 – General Champion of Kontes Robot Terbang Indonesia (KRTI)

2016 – Best system category of Kontes Robot Terbang Indonesia (KRTI)

2015 – 3rd Winner of Occupational Health and Safety Community (OHSC) UI

2015 – General Champion of Kontes Robot Terbang Indonesia (KRTI)

2015 – 1st Winner of Mapping Categoy Kontes Robot Terbang Indonesia (KRTI)

2015 – Best Idea Categoty, Kontes Robot Terbang Indonesia (KRTI)

2015 – Best Design Categoty, Kontes Robot Terbang Indonesia (KRTI)


2020 – CFD simulation of the inner body angle valve erosion: PT. Mistubishi Chemical Indonesia (MCCI)

2020 – Bus rollover test using FEA explicit solver: New Armada

2020 – CFD simulation on the agricultural filter design (Hack a farm competition 2nd winner)

2020 – Multiphase CFD analysis of gravitational vortex turbine

2020 – Finite Element Analysis of wire rope sling stress

2020 – Shipping pump bushing and shaft abrasion and erosion analysis with CFD and FEA.

2020 – Analysis of oxygen concentration in the aerator pound

2019 – Design and optimization of pressure vessel for chemical reactor (PT. Tunas Energi)

2019 – Numerical study of tangential-firing boiler performance (PT. Indonesia Power)

2019 – Numerical study of dong fang turbine coil overheating problem (PT. Indonesia Power)

2018 – Numerical Modelling of Gas Turbine’s Combustion Chamber (PT. PJB PLN)

2018 – Numerical Study of Mini Turbojet Design and Optimation of Fighter UAV (UGM)

2018 – Finite Element Analysis Study of ASTM D638

2018 – 2D Analysis of VAWT Wind Turbine with Pitch Angle Variation

2018 – Numerical Study of 3D VAWT Win Turbine with Fin Variation

2018 – Numerical Study of Turbocharger

2018 – Finite Element Analysis of Hook for Bicycle Industry

2018 – Finite Element Analysis of Welding’s Residual Stress at Pressure Vessel’s Nozle

2018 – Performance Analysis of Gorlov Turbine with Computational Fluid Dynamics

2018 – Performance Analysis of Undershoot Water Turbine Generator with Computational Fluid Dynamic

2018 – Design and Analysis of Expander turbine with Computational Fluid Dynamics

2018 – Finite Element Analysis of Automobile Rim

2018 – Thermal Study of Asphalt Heating Chamber Using Computational Fluid Dynamics

2018 – Comparison Study of Bio-CMC 5 and Bio-Pol 5 heating characteristics using Computational Fluid Dynamics

2018 – Performance Analysis of Grob G-120 TP’s Wing with Computational Fluid Dynamic (Indonesian Airforce Academy)

2018 – Performance Analysis of Supersonic Flow Regime Rocket Nose Shape (Indonesian Airforce Academy)

2018 – Pulley and Shaft Stress Analysis using Finite Element Method

2018 – Performance Analysis of Aerobatic Aircraft Wing Using Computational Fluid Dynamics (Indonesian Airforce Academy)

2018 – Automotive Body Shape Analysis Using Ahmed Body Computational Fluid Dynamics

2018 – Centrifugal compressor Impeller Analysis using Computational Fluid Dynamics

2018 – Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis of Liquid Petrolium Gas Leaked Distribution

2018 – Computational Fluid Dynamics Study of Free Surface Interaction Ship’s Hull

2018 – Numerical Study of Jet-Cellar performance at oil Rig

2018 – Numerical study of Droplet Distribution Inside Intake Manifold (National Institute of Science and Technology)

2018 – Gorund-Coupled Heat Exchanger Computational Fluid Dynamic Study

2018 – Thermal Analysis of Flue Gas Desulfurization with Computational Fluid Dynamics

2018 – Computational Fluid Dynamic analysis of Ejector for Chemical Process Industry (ITB)

2018 – Boiler Chamber Thermal Optimisation Study with Computational Fluid Dynamics

2017 – Numerical Study of Stuffing Box Wear Analysis for Oil and Gas Platform (PT. Pertamina)

2017 – Computational Fluid Dynamic Study of SPA 12-C’s Winglet Aerodynamics (Indonesian Airforce Academy)

2017 – Numerical Study of Mini Wind Turbine For Rural Area in Indonesia (UGM)

2017 – Subsonic Missile Design and Optimisation with Numerical Analysis (UGM)

2017 – Adaptive Pitch and Transmission of Small Wind Turbine (UGM)

2017 – Consecutive Trucks Ahmed Body CFD Simulation with Structured Mesh (UGM)

2017 – Numerical Analysis of Mechanical Draft Water Cooling Tower (Physics Energy Department Surya Institute)

2017 –  Design and Analysis of Cast Aluminium Bycicle (UGM)

2017 – Design and Drafting of Gas Cargo Truch Wheel Wedge (PT. Pertamina)

2017 –  Granulator Gear Failure Analysis with Finite Element Method (ITS)

2017 – Shell and Tube Split Flow Heat Exchanger Optimation by Material Variation

2017 – Numerical Study of Flow Trough the Backward Facing Step with Hot Air Exhaust (ITS)

2017 – Design and Analysis of Inclined Conveyor for Automotive Industry

2017 – Analysis of Aerodynamic and Vibration Characteristics of Suramadu Bridge with Computational Fluid Dynamics and Finite Element Method (ITS)

2017 – Optimation of Mufler Design for Automobiles (Institut Teknologi Indonesia)

2017 – Numerical Study of Induced Draft Counter Flow Cooling Tower at Industrial Power Plants (PT. Krakatau Posco)

2017 – Design and Optimisation of Wulung UAV’s Nacele with Computational Fluid Dynamics (PT. Dirgantara Indonesia)

2017 – Design and Optimisation of Egg Hatchery Heating Chamber with Computational Fluid Dynamics

2017 –  Design and Optimisation Study of Sea Chest for Chargo Ship (ITS)

2017 – Numerical Study of Boeing 737 Airfoil at Transonic Flow Regime (Indonesian Airforce Academy)

2017 – Thermal Analysis of Solar Collector Flat Plate with Computational Fluid Dynamics (UNNES)

2017 – Design and Simulation of Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger (Universitas Pancasila)

2017 – Optimisation Study of Ladder and Platform for Construction Industry (CV. Aghatara)

2017 – Numerical Study of Shipping Pump with Computational Fluid Dynamics (Master UGM)

2017 – Water Turbine Cross Flow Performance Analysis with Computational Fluid Dynamics (Universitas Hasanudin)

2017 – Water Turbine Generator Performance Analysis Numerical Study (ITS)

2016 – Study of Factory’s Room Humidity to Achieve Comfort Level (ITS)

2016 – Concrete Mixer Vibration Analysis With Finite Element Analysis, Modal Analysis (ITS)

2016 –  Design of Portable Mechanical Pacemaker (UGM)

2016 – Design and Analysis of Portable Laptop Desk with Finite Element Analysis (UGM)

2016 – Design of Automatic Carpet Washer Machine (PT. Karya Sari Murni)

2016 – Numerical Study of Asphalt Factory Air Circulation With Computational Fluid Dynamics (ITS)

2015 – Design of Anti-Vibration Gloves with Auxetic Materials (UGM)

2015 – SMART Winglet Design and Optimisation with Computational Fluid Dynamic (SMAN 1 Yogyakarta)

2015 – Numerical Study of Bamboo’s Capability to Withstand Merapi Mountain Eruption (SMAN 1 Yogyakarta)

2014 – Design of Automatic Can’s Cap Puncher Conveyor (PT. Karya Sari Murni)


2019 – Automatic Chamfering Machine (PT. IMC)

2019 – Solid state bioreactor (UGM)

2019 – Liquid state bioreactor (PT. BCL)

2018 – Counter Rotating Flow Wind Turbine Generator Project (UGM)

2018 – Micro Bubble Generator project (PT. Mino Teknologi)

2018 – Water Turbine For Municipal Waterwork (PDAM)

2018 – Automatic Synthetic Eyebrow Spinner (Local Company)

2018 – Automatic Fish Feeder Machine

2018 – Fiberglass Boat

2018 – Custom Fiberglass Artemia Culture Container (PT. CSM Indrayanti)

2018 – Autonomous Boat For Bathymetry Mapping (UGM)

2018 – Autonomous Boat for Bathymetry Mapping (Surveyor company)

2018 – Drop Test Apparatus Based on MIL-STD-810G-516.6 Procedure IV Protocol

2018 –  Wind Turbine Blade for lab purpose (Universitas Bangka Belitung)

2018 – Ergonomic Reflexology Vest (Pancasila University)

2017 – Custom Fruits Slicer Blade

2017 – Sublimation Screening Machine for Shoes’ Tie

2017 – Wind Tunnel For Lab Purpose (Pancasila University)

2016 – Solar Panel Powered RC Boat (UGM)

2016 – UAV’s Catapult Launcher design and Fabrication (UGM)

2016 – Automatic Carpet Washing Machine (PT. Karya Sari Murni)

2015 – Smart Winglet Display of BOEING 737 (SMAN 1 Yogyakarta)

2015 – Adaptive pitch and Transmission Small Wind Turbine

2014 – Automatic Conveyor Paint Can Distribution (PT. Karya Sari Murni)